Senin, 19 November 2007

Accidental Click Will Reduce

Google adsense change it's advertise by putting url only in it's title and url, not full in the box adsense or in it's text content. If you have place your adsense on your site/blog you can try it by moving your mouse to your adsense area. You will realized that clicking icon will only show if the mouse exactly upper the adsense title or url. It's a good thing for advertiser that can reduce the accidental click that shouldn’t paid by them.

How we should respond it? We should accept it gladly. First, there will be no more banned because of accidental click. Sometimes we edit our site/ blog and accidentaly click the ads. We panic and soon sending email about this accidental click. We try to explain to google adsense team that we have no purpose on it. But if we are not lucky, google will think that we click it on purpose and get banned because of it.

Second, we should understand that we as publisher will be paid because our advertising is interesting our visitor. Not hoping that get paid because of accidental click. Get paid from what we not do is the same like get sallary but not doing the job. Everyone knows that it’s not a good thing.

What about our visitor? It’s a good thing because it’s often that accidental click will disturb them with pop-up or change the site into another site. So I think they will very happy with that change so they can enjoy our site/blog without any pop-up. If they interested with the ads they will click it’s title or url to see more information about it.

So be glad because we paid because our hardwork, and the advertiser will appreciate our blog most. And maybe someday they contact us personally to put his/her advertise on our site/blog with a better price :)